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WellFIT is a wellness and prevention program customized for clients to help them meet individual health and wellness goals. When a client joins WellFIT, a personal wellness coach does an initial assessment.
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 WellFIT is a wellness and prevention program customized for clients to help them meet individual health and wellness goals. When a client joins WellFIT, a personal wellness coach does an initial assessment which includes:

  • Biometric Measurements (weight, waist circumference, body mass index, height, body fat, blood pressure, heart rate)
  • Physical Fitness Test (flexibility, sit-ups, push-ups, cardiovascular endurance test)
  • Blood work (cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides)
  • Health Risk Assessment (questionnaire on health practices)

After initial testing, the wellness coach meets with the client to review the Personal Wellness Profile, identify high health risks, and set wellness goals. From customized workout programs to nutrition plans, the wellness coach provides all of the necessary tools and training for clients to help them along the way.

PTSC administers a corporate wellness program for companies who want to offer wellness benefits to their employees. Benefits include initial and follow up assessments, onsite testing, onsite education classes, access to PTSC’s workout facility, and more.

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SOAR DevelopmentSOAR High Project

Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the project is to address future trends in health care via the education and involvement of local youth. The consortium determined that improved sustainable health education and training is not only a need but a goal that can be accomplished by engaging middle school, high school, vocational, and higher education students in community based health focus groups. Each SOAR High Youth Health Focus Group (YHFG) will be facilitated by a team of supportive adult educators, health care professionals and community leaders. Adult health care students, school nurses, and/or public health representatives will provide specially targeted health presentations to the focus groups to reinforce their knowledge base and provide community connection. The project also…

  • Provides improved mechanisms for health care education and training
  • Increases youth engagement in health decision making processes and local community health
  • Creates opportunities for collaboration between health care providers, educational institutions, economic development entities and other stakeholders.
  • Offers youth exposure to health career opportunities and local availability of training.
  • Provides Health Risk Assessments (600 HRAs) with wellness follow-ups.
  • Builds stronger regional and community cohesiveness for problem resolution through collaboration.
  • Provides a minimum of 30 completed community health projects in ‘SOAR High’ communities.
  • Offers long term potential for improved health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Through the process of discussion and interaction with community health leaders, the youth participants will identify local health related projects that can be completed during the following summer within their individual communities. Seed monies ($2000) will be provided for each of the school. Students will identify additional funding mechanisms, other required resources and manpower to complete the projects in each of the 31 communities served. Successful projects will be positively reinforced with media recognition and presentation of awards by community and school leaders.  For more information please call PTSC at 417-256-5669 or 417-926-5699.


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