Parkinson’s Disease is a devastating neurological condition that can strike a person at any age. People with this diagnosis have impairments that effect activities of daily living. Early intervention with the right physical therapy can make a big difference in a persons life. LSVT Big is a standardized protocol that can be adapted to an individual’s needs across a range of the disease’s severity. This treatment can only be administered by a certified clinician trained in this method. Physical Therapy Specialist Clinic now has a certified clinician able to offer intense LSVT Big treatment session for Parkinson’s Patient and other neurological conditions that may benefit from sensory motor deficits.

Researches demonstrated that intervention with LSVT Big treatment can improve gross motor function in people with Parkinson’s disease.  This translates into patient’s improved walking speed, improving balance, increasing better trunk rotation and improving with activities of daily living such as bed mobility. Each session is performed on an individual basis with carryover activities specific to patient’s impairment.